B.S. in Physics with Health Physics Concentration

The Health Physics Society has posted a short Health Physics Careers Video, Is a career in health physics for you?, as well as information on Careers in Health Physics and Student Opportunities.

The program is designed for those students who have interests in nuclear physics and the practical application of nuclear physics to modern society. This program prepares undergraduate students for careers as a nuclear worker in university, industrial, medical, and government laboratory settings. Students successfully completing this degree program will have satisfied the standard undergraduate requirements for admission to graduate programs in physics, medical physics, and health physics.

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Students in this track will, in addition to fulfilling all requirements for the B.S. in Physics take the following specific courses:

Course ID TitleCredit hours
PHZ 3360 Introduction to Radiation Protection 1
PHZ 3308 Applications of Nuclear Physics 3
PHZ 3361 Radiation Detection and Measurement 3
PHZ 4731 Introduction to Health Physics 3
BSC 2010 General Biology I 3
BSC 2010L General Biology I Lab 1

For full and up-to-date program requirements always consult the current catalog at

Contact: Dr. Joerg Reinhold, Professor of Physics,

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry with a Radiochemistry Track

The Ph.D. with a Radiochemistry track is situated within the current doctoral program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This track will prepare students with an interest in the broader chemical aspects of nuclear and radiological sciences, with coursework and research experience at the doctoral level. Graduates of the program will have developed a strong expertise in both applied radiological sciences and chemistry, and will be able to find employment in these areas in industry, government, and academia. The consists of both academic classes and research. The requirements of the track are similar to those for doctoral students in chemistry but the majority of the coursework and the thesis research be in the general area of nuclear and radiochemistry.

Course ID Title Credit Hours
CHS 6110 Topics in Radiochemistry 3
CHM 6111 Advanced Radiochemistry 3
PHZ 5340 Particle Interactions and Detection 3
PHZ 5730 Biophysical Effects of Radiation 3
PHZ 5732 Clinical and Medical Dosimetry 3

For full and up-to-date program requirements always consult the current catalog at

Contact: Dr. Konstantinos Kavallieratos, Associate Professor of Chemistry,


The majority of nuclear science courses currently offered in these two programs have been developed by a Curriculum Development Grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.